Kate Elliott

7 Days of Quantum Healing™

Are you frustrated and dissatisfied with the quality of your life? Circling in the same emotional baggage and physical and mental pain and discomfort with no end in sight?

Join me for 7 consecutive days of body/mind healing and quantum realignment for only $98. We will transcend and break through all past blocks and limitations by tapping into your infinite God-given power to self-source your own energy, rather than accepting what shows up.

7 Days of Quantum Healing™ is a multi-dimensional clearing and up leveling of your consciousness from the past, present, and future in a remote group setting.

During these 7 days, your level of consciousness is guaranteed to increase as you activate higher realms of consciousness within the collective quantum field. Other benefits include awakening cellular memory and enhancing your intuition and spiritual gifts, so you become an energetic force of change and manifestation in the world. The 7 Days of Quantum Healing far outweigh the benefits and healing power of one private session with me.

Why I Created the 7 Days of Quantum Healing

I wanted to offer transformational energy healing that got results at an affordable price, where participants consistently noticed a measurable shift within themselves at the end of the week. Something that changed their lives for the better … and this is it!

What is Distant or Remote Healing?

According to quantum physicists, there’s a unified energetic field that connects all living things. Energy projected into this field by a master energy healer can improve physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. All the major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, endorse the use of distant healing to reconnect with oneself and God. Being part of the 7 Days of Quantum Healing group also creates an amplified field of consciousness, whereby resonate matched souls in the group receive additional healing benefits, just by coming together with the intention to heal and raise their level of consciousness.

Kate Elliott

How Does It Work?

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation with an invite to a private Facebook group where I will be posting the daily group activations. If you do not use Facebook, we can e-mail you the activations daily and the healing benefits will be the same. The healing will be activated each day at 8 am Eastern Standard Time. The first healing will begin on Sunday and the 7th (the last activation) will be on the following Saturday.

Once you’ve joined the 7 Days of Quantum Healing private Facebook group, you can post three personal intentions for the week that I will activate for you. These can, but do not need to relate to the week’s theme. If you are participating via e-mail, please send me your three intentions. The more specific, focused, and dialed in you can be about your intentions and what you want, the greater the change you will see during the week.

Each morning during the healing activation I will individually activate group members’ personal intentions. Your personal intentions are being cleared and worked on through Divine intention and activation from me, coupled with your own desire to take a quantum leap forward in your life.

There will also be a theme for the greater healing of your group and collective group activation. Past group activations have included inner child work, increasing self-love and intuition, balancing Divine masculine and feminine, releasing your mother and father wound, and so much more! At 8 am Eastern Standard Time I will post in the private Facebook group that the session has been activated and let you know how long it will run for. Often times sessions require a few hours for the participants to receive the maximum personal, as well as group benefits. At the end of the daily session, I will post again that it’s complete and a Golden Liquid Light activation will begin, which is a calming reset for your brain.

Also included is a 1-hour video group healing where I demonstrate how I work and do a group clearing based on the theme.

Your Group...

is a safe, supportive and loving container for healing where you’ll receive maximum healing benefits for your soul ascension and the group’s oversoul. During group healings, root causes for all our issues are neutralized faster because of the mass of vibrational energy that is intentionally generated, focused, and concentrated at a single point in time. These actions by us transcend all time, space, and ego limitations that ordinarily exist in our day-to-day life. Instead, I deep dive you into the infinite intelligence that is all around us, but difficult to access consistently alone. These actions, when set in motion, are clinically proven to create changes in the cells of our body, which in turn influences our thoughts and behaviors in a positive way.

How Is This Type of Healing Possible?

It’s possible when we align with and operate on the crystalline plasma grid of universal consciousness (the quantum field) where instantaneous manifestation occurs. This zero-point field is where I work from and direct your intentions for healing where they are cleansed, cleared, released, and neutralized.

What are some common intentions people ask for?

  • Relationship resolution
  • Intuition upgrades
  • Elimination of physical symptoms
  • Mind/body stress and exhaustion
  • Quantum jumping out of the 3D Matrix
  • Release heartwalls
  • Blocks to financial abundance
  • Inner peace
  • Clear birth trauma
  • Mother, father, and relationship wounds
  • Clear negative self-talk
  • Processing shame and guilt
  • Muscle testing blocks
  • Raise your light score

What kinds of energies are cleared?

  • Emotional trauma energies such as procrastination, self-sabotage, depression, fear, and heartbreak. These can be from a recent event, years old, or lifetimes ago.
  • Pain or tension patterns from injuries, accidents, or of unknown origin.
  • Toxins stuck in tissues and organs, as well as bacterial or viral issues.
  • Karmic illness patterns, mental and emotional pain, grief, loss, and suffering.
  • Cord cutting and repetitive and obsessive thinking patterns.
  • Offensive energies from others and entity clearing.
  • As well as chakra realignment, aura repair, soul retrieval, installation of energetic light codes, upgrading astral DNA, and folding in outdated timelines that no longer serve our highest good.
Kate Elliott

Are you an energy healer and would like to run group sessions for your own clients, friends and family?

Find out how you can become a certified Quantum Healer™.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why a healing session every day and not once a week?

    This program is a life changing and cost-effective way to experience 7 Days of Quantum Healing for the price of a one-on-one session with me. If you have financial constraints, are impatient or in emotional and physical pain and want transformation in a short period of time, the 7 Days of Quantum Healing program is perfect for you.
  • Can I do more than one week of auto clearing back-to-back?

    Yes absolutely, as most of us have more than one issue we need to transform. You can change your intentions each week as needed.
  • I am an energy healer, will I be able to clear for myself while the healing is taking place?

    It’s best that you don’t try to clear energies for yourself during this time, but you can work on other people and muscle test for others, if that’s the way you work.
  • Will I be able to feel the effects of this working?

    Yes, most people feel a shift for the better during the day, while the clearing activation is taking place and ongoing throughout the week. You may experience activation and clearing symptoms such as light headedness, tiredness, alertness, heart palpitations or fluttering sensations, change in body temperature, increased sensitivity, and a peace and oneness within yourself and all of creation. Processing symptoms are likely to be minimal, if at all. Processing symptoms are usually the body/mind letting you know that more energies are coming up to be released. As we are working together every day for a week, your symptoms will more than likely be taken care of on consecutive days.
  • How should I conduct my day while the clearings are taking place?

    You can continue your normal routine and read the posted activations for the day once you are awake. Auto clearings run for a few hours each day so you may feel energy moving and clearing through your physical and energy bodies.
  • Why 7 days & the symbolism of the number 7?

    The seven has long been associated with good fortune and is considered by numerologists to be a “perfect” number representing happiness, renewal, and perfection. In the New Testament, the number seven symbolizes the unity of the four corners of the Earth with the Holy Trinity. In the Book of Revelation there are seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven stars. The Koran speaks of seven heavens and Muslim pilgrims walk around the Kaaba in Mecca seven times. In Hinduism there are seven higher worlds and seven underworlds, and in Buddhism the newborn Buddha rises and takes seven steps. In Ancient Egypt, the number seven was the symbol of eternal life and perfection. There are also seven days of the week, seven seas, seven energy bodies, seven chakras within the body, seven Wonders of the World, and so much more… The transformative and mystical energy of the number 7 is what we are deep diving into during our time together.

As a practitioner, I feel it's critical, especially when working with energy healing, to participate in some form of ongoing healing for myself so that I can be the best practitioner for my family and clients. While I have evolved with other programs, the 7 Days of Quantum Healing and especially the Group Facilitator Training have shifted me exponentially in ways that I'm still experiencing - it's very powerful! Kate's methods have brought me to new levels of awareness and consciousness that I honestly didn't know existed. She opens your heart and mind just by listening to her. The information I have learned has taken my practice to quantum levels. She is a fabulous teacher and mentor, and I feel honored to share this testimonial with others. Thank you, Kate, for all you do. You are a special gift for us all!

Cindy Gouweloos CECP, CBCP

The 7 Days of Quantum Healing weeks are so incredibly powerful! Since it's 7 days in a row, the healing is gentle, but yet the consistency of 7 days around a theme or topic clears and releases so much more than you would in a typical 1:1 session.

I have had huge shifts from my work with Kate and have seen the same with my clients in their group healing after becoming certified in Kate's Quantum Healer course.

Kyle Haskins CECP, CBCP

Kate’s 7 Days of Quantum Healing weeks have been amazing and truly transformative. The shifts I have experienced have been significant, lasting, and have guided me into new levels of understanding and acceptance. Kate is highly intuitive and has a beautiful and gentle approach. The guidance and support she provides within the safe space she creates for the group allows for maximum comfort to share experiences, allowing the deepest healing to occur. I highly recommend it!

Dianne Benner CECP, CBCP